Purrocious gave a beautiful lion clip. My cat did not appear stressed at all when I picked her up. This is the 3rd time my cat has received the lion cut.

LaDean and her girls are very informative, helpful and personable. The work room is extremely clean.

Dorothy T

LaDean and her daughter are very knowledgeable about all things feline! My old kitty ended up with mats and they did a great job fixing him up. He had never been groomed before, so he wasn’t too happy about it, but they cheerfully put up with him and got the job done. I highly recommend them!

Julia P

After years of trying to trim matts out of our long-haired cat we finally found Purrocious. Not only does our Cubby look great but she was treated with care and kindness. and certainly, feels better. She will visit LaDean every couple of months for a trim. We recommend them for your kitty grooming.

Sherry H

I am so thrilled to have found these ladies! My baby was treated wonderfully with her best interest in mind. She looks and smells and feels wonderful. Thank you.

Simone H

Very professional. Facilities and tools impressive. I was taught & learned the value of proper grooming, as opposed to mistakes I made in the past using improperly trained people to work on my cats.

Judy P

I was sooo nervous about having my cat groomed because he is VERY nervous around new people and new environments. And he scratches us to bits every time we try to even brush him, let alone bathe him! But my experience with these ladies was magnificent!! They even videoed him during the process so I could see how well he behaved (I’m still shocked). They are friendly and professional and were willing to answer any questions I had. Jarvis came out smelling and looking like a million bucks!! I couldn’t possibly recommend these ladies highly enough. If you have a kitty, you need them in your life. Stat!!

Lauren Y.

I only had to drive about 40 minutes to get to Purrocious, but I would go triple the distance for the care and treatment my little girl received yesterday. I am so pleased with the patience and attention to her mood. She smells so wonderful and must feel unbelievably better after having her mats removed and being thoroughly cleaned from head to toes. I’m really looking forward to taking one of my boys next week too. These ladies work miracles.

Cindy F

My silver shaded Persian, Daphne looks amazing. I woke up this morning and she was the happiest cat ever, purring and rolling around the bed on her back. She has been prancing around the house showing off her coat non-stop. La’Dean does incredible work and I’d highly recommend her to anyone for their pet grooming needs.

Kelly M.T.

I drove all the way from Ocean City, Maryland to have my two babies groomed here and it is well worth the drive. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.

Sandra K

Knowledgeable and super friendly. My furbaby looked great. It was worth the 1hr drive for the service we received. We will definitely be returning again.

Charmaine J

It’s no wonder this place is so highly recommended!!! Great customer service, clean facility, calming atmosphere for the fur babies. I have a very sassy cat that can be a handful, but the ladies there handled her like pros. It’s an easy choice.

Lauren B

We found about Purrocious Styles Feline Designs by word of mouth. LaDean and Dezarai are amazing! We travel 40 miles (each way) to take our furbabies to them and they are worth it! They take such good care of our two Maine Coons. LaDean has also given us advise on the combs we should use and how to maintain between grooming appointments. Their shedding has decreased and we haven’t had a hairball problem since we started with routine grooming! If you are looking for a cat groomer look no further! You have found the best with Purrocious Styles Feline Designs!

Jannifer W

Does everything look 'purrrfect'? Great!