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About LaDean Gordon, CFMG:

LaDean grew up loving cats, being owned by numerous cats in her childhood she eventually became an exhibitor at the CFA show ring both on the East Coast and in Hawaii where she lived prior to moving to Hampton Roads. She is currently owned by 6 Maine Coon cats, Pandora, Isabeau, Peder, Duhbar, Kenzi and Captain Squinty as well as 2 rescues, Wraith and Banjo. She started grooming cats very young helping her mother groom her Siamese cats, learning how to groom was such a passion of hers she decided to become a CFMG (Certified Feline Master
Groomer) to provide this much needed very scarce service to other cat owners.

In 2014 she attended and graduated from the National Cat Groomers Institute (NCGI), the only feline grooming school of its kind in the world. She passed a series of rigorous exams both written and practical specializing in the unique needs of felines, including the America Red Cross Feline first aid/CPR certification, Health, and Anatomy, Colors and Genetic, Breeds, Temperaments and assessments and many other feline-related subjects. In 2016 she attended Ivs San Bernard earning her certification in the Science of Skin for pets adding to her knowledge base for keeping your cats skin and coat as healthy as possible.

With over 20 years’ experience combined with her training and knowledge, she helps make cat owners lives easier and cleaner. By providing these services she also helps owners maintain happier healthier lives for their feline family members. After all, a clean cat is a happy cat!

Her salon, Purrocious Styles Feline Designs, has won multiple awards including the Three best- rated award of excellence as well as 3 Coastal Virginia Readers’ Choice awards peninsula gold for best pet grooming, peninsula silver best small business, and peninsula silver for best green/environmental business. She offers the highest quality groom possible for felines in Hampton Roads with a “by appointment only” location in Yorktown. It is not only cat-centric but it also has a strict no dogs allowed policy, making this grooming salon a truly unique setting to help facilitate a relaxed and attentive environment that any cat owner can appreciate.

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