Important Information

  • We are by appointment only, canceling or rescheduling as well as no-shows require a minimum of 48 hours notice or will be subject to a $60 per cat fee. Holiday months of Nov and Dec fee increases to $80 per cat.  These fees will be due upon receipt and need to be paid before another appointment will be scheduled. NOT confirming an appointment does not count as canceling an appointment, all appointments MUST be canceled within 48 hours either via email, phone or text message.
  • Bring cat in the carrier, to help with this take your carrier out 24-48 hours before his/her appointment so that they will become accustomed to it being out and will not run and hide as soon as it is taken out leaving you searching for your cat just before his/her appointment.  If you can not find your cat or get your cat in the carrier in time for their appointment, the cancellation/no show fees will apply.
  • All cats will be assessed upon arrival for determining temperament and grooming tolerance, we will then advise you on what services we feel will be best for your cat based on our evaluation.  Special handling fees may apply for senior or aggressive cats.
  • Parasite fees will apply to any cats who have fleas or ticks.  Disinsecting fees may apply to prevent cross-contamination to our other clients.
  • Cleaning fee’s if during grooming it is discovered that your cat has ringworm the grooming session will immediately end, you will be notified and you will be required to pick your cat up.  Your cat will require a minimum of 2 clear ringworm evaluations by a veterinarian before they will be allowed back for grooming.
  • Dirty crate fees will apply if your cat arrives in a dirty crate, we do not want to put a clean cat back in a dirty crate.
  • Fees will apply for cats that require de-matting of de-pelting fees will be based on the severity of the matting.  We will only de-mat/de-pelt your cat ONE time after that all fees will be doubled.  Mats and pelts are painful, and 100% preventable so we will not tolerate repeat de-matting/de-pelting sessions.
  • ALL cats must have current rabies vaccinations with copies sent prior to the appointment if possible.
  • Documents can be sent via email to or an image texted to 757-508-2277

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